LEWISII Linen Bedding Leads To Improved Sleep

Lewisii, a tightly knit small company committed to be a leader in sustainable textiles, offers beautiful rustic linen bedding. Available now on their online store. This bedding is designed to enhance sleep quality by natural characteristics of linen which is environmentally sourced. Lewisii linen bedding is made for a selected few who appreciate timeless beauty combined with durability.

Lewisii products are made from pure linen, renowned for its exceptional softness and quality. Lewisii have found a way to make bedding as soft and comfortable as possible, providing everyone with a luxurious sleep experience. 

The colors in Lewisii collection are thoughtfully curated to complement one another, allowing to mix and match, to create a personalized and exclusive bedding that matches every taste. 

Sleeping is an important part of our lives, so making a healthy and beautiful sleeping environment should be a priority. 

One of the many factors that can impact sleep is the fibers we are sleeping in. Linen has natural fibers that come in contact with your skin and that should be the first choice when selecting your bedding. Natural fibers are breathable, keeping you cool and dry in summer and warm in winter. 

It is claimed that the heat conductivity of linen is five times higher than wool and eighteen times higher than silk. 

Pure linen’s natural antibacterial properties have the ability to suppress bacteria which also means sweat is less likely to break down the linen fibers as it would in cotton. Linen is made from Flax and it is entirely biodegradable and recyclable, making excellent champions for sustainability. 

It grows naturally with a minimal or no need of fertilizers and does not require irrigation. This is an eco-friendly plant that is gentle on the environment and the natural strength of its yarn reduces the necessity for starching during weaving, resulting in fewer chemicals being used. Sleeping in linen will also help you avoid allergic reactions. Unlike flax, cotton and synthetic crops are frequently treated with pesticides and herbicides, which can linger in the finished products and be absorbed by the skin. 

Lewisii specializes in high-quality linen products that are available in their online store,  offering pillowcases, duvet covers, sheets, and blankets, all crafted from 100% pure linen. 

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